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WAITING LIST:  If you are interested in getting a Gr8 Lake's puppy you will need to be on our Waiting List. The deposit is $200 dollars to hold a puppy from a future litter. All deposits go toward the total purchase price of your puppy. If mother does not give birth to the puppy you requested the waiting list deposit will be refunded. Deposits are NO LONGER REFUNDABLE once a pick has been made at 4 weeks of age.

VISITING OUR PUPPIES:  For health and safety of our puppies, we do not allow families to visit the puppies until they have received their first booster shots from our vet at 6 weeks of age. Puppies are much like new born babies and rely on the immunity of their mother's milk and safety of our home to protect them from harmful viruses or disease they can contract being brought in from unknowing visitors. We understand this is inconvenient for those wanting to make their pick in person and understand if this causes you to go else where to find a puppy. We respect your decision. But the safety of our puppies comes first as we also owe it to the other families waiting on our pups to keep those puppies as safe as possible. This precaution is advised by our vet and we take it seriously. We will provide you with photos and video to help you make your choice.

PRICES:  We determine our prices at 4–6 weeks, it is not until that time that we can estimate their expected maturity weight and start to see their conformation, stature, temperament, build and coats.  Our Miniature sized puppies start at $1600 to $1800. This is for puppies of all colors with the exception of Reds, Blues, & Lilacs and genders expected to mature in the 11-21 pound range.  Our Toy size puppies that will mature under the miniature in the 6-10 pound or under 12 inchs. These puppies are priced in the $1600-$2000 range. Occasionally we get T-cups size puppies. that will mature under the toy in the 2-5 pound range. T-cups puppies are priced in the $2500-$3500. T-cups are more expensive because they can be very hard to raise, and do require a lot more time.

We will post a breeding, tell you colors, and sizes to expect for that litter. Our puppies are priced based on size, color, eye color and the quality of the pup. 


DEPOSITS:   Once puppies are priced at 4 to 5 weeks of age and deposit holders make their pick a $150 dollar deposit is required to hold a puppy in your name until they can be picked up at 8 weeks. Deposits can be made through Venmo, Zelle, No puppy is considered on hold until we have received the deposit. 


PAYMENT:   If you are making your final payment or paying for your puppy in full through Venmo or Zelle it must be cleared through our account prior to pick up. If final payment has not been received and you are picking up your puppy we only accept cash as payment NO EXCEPTIONS. For immediate on site adoptions we only accept cash. You can pay for your puppy in full any time after 4 weeks once they are priced out if you wish. If we are holding a puppy for you past the pick-up date we require puppies be paid in full by 8 weeks of age.

MICROCHIPPING:   We know how important your new puppy is and we want to ensure we do everything possible to protect the newest member of your family. We offer micro-chipping for FREE and lifetime owner enrollment is only $19.50. You MUST enroll your pet. We enroll our pets microchips through AKC Reunite. We feel this is the best way to ensure your pet makes it back safely

CARE PACKAGE:   Each of our puppies are sent home with a blanket with mothers and siblings scents on it. 3 toys, 1 plush and 2 for teething. 2 small Kong tennis balls, Spa shampoo, Comb, Flea comb to use to remove eye boogers. A package of organic cookies for teething, these save on your fingers! Package of enough Fromm Puppy food to make the transition to the food you have chosen. Medical records of your puppies physical examination, worming and shots.

FLIGHT NANNY:  We will contact a Flight Nanny to set up dates and times for your puppy to fly to your nearest international airport. The price starts at $350, the Flight Nanny flys in cabin with your new puppy

and takes very good care of them. We never ship our puppies. Payment for your flight Nanny is expected at the airport and in cash.

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